A certain magical index?

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A Certain Magical Index è una serie di light novel giapponese scritta da Kazuma Kamachi e illustrata da Haimura Kiyotaka, pubblicata dal 10 aprile 2004 al 10 ottobre 2010 contando 22 volumi più tre speciali, per un totale di 25.

In what order should I watch A Certain Magical Index?

The first of them is to simply follow the broadcast order:
  1. A Certain Magical Index.
  2. A Certain Scientific Railgun.
  3. A Certain Magical Index II.
  4. A Certain Scientific Railgun S.
  5. A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion.
  6. A Certain Scientific Accelerator.
  7. A Certain Magical Index III.

Is A Certain Magical Index bad?

Overall Quality – Very Low. Recommendation: Avoid it. Unless you want to walk into the den of stupidity, avoid A Certain Magical Index and all its spin-offs at all costs.

Is A Certain Magical Index a harem?

No, it's not a harem with this definition. The author actually introduces a real harem MC later on in the novels who's girls always are around him and want to be as useful to him as they can.

Is A Certain Magical Index worth watching?

7 Not Worth It: A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index's anime is only worth watching to provide some context to A Certain Scientific Railgun, which is a far better series.

Misaka Mikoto Railgun

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What is the number 1 best anime?

The Top 10 Best Anime Series Of All-Time
  • Death Note.
  • Naruto.
  • Ghost in the Shell.
  • Steins;Gate.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Samurai Champloo.
  • Darker Than Black.
  • Attack on Titan.

What is the longest anime in the world?

Sazae-san (still ongoing) holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television series at more than 7071 episodes.

Does Misaki like Touma?

She is in love with Touma, calling him both a prince and a hero, and even still keeping with her the whistle that he gave to her. Indeed, despite the fact that Touma will always forget her due to his brain damage, Misaki still hopes that he will remember her eventually.

Should I watch Magical Index or railgun first?

In which case you should probably watch Magical Index/Magical Index II and then Railgun/Railgun S. Because Railgun references things from Magical Index, whereas Magical Index does not tend to reference much from the Railgun storyline due to it being a side story.

Does Misaka Mikoto love Touma?

Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but she realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc. ... At the end of the Hawaiian Invasion Arc, Mikoto told Touma that she will bear his burdens with him and that he is not alone.

Which is better index or railgun?

Railgun anime has certainly aged a lot better than Index anime. Looking back, Railgun 's production values were clearly superior to Index 's, even back then. ... Index 's one big strength was its background art and setting design, but Railgun also happens to share those strengths while having more visual flair.

Is a certain scientific accelerator worth watching?

Animation wise, it is, without a doubt, an absolute masterpiece: characters design, backgrounds, action scenes, facial expressions; absolutely beautiful. Sound wise, if there is an English dub one day, I would still highly recommend you to watch it subbed; there is only one Accelerator and it is Okamoto Nobuhiko.

Is Touma stronger than Misaka?

Alright so misaka has faced of against Touma like one or two times and the results are just, 'Touma is really strong! Misaka can't defeat him!

Who is the strongest in a certain magical index?

A Certain Magical Index: The Most Powerful Level 5 Espers, Ranked According To Strength
  • 7 Aihana Eitsu.
  • 6 Shokuhou Misaki.
  • 5 Mugino Shizuri.
  • 4 Sogiita Gunha.
  • 3 Misaka Mikoto.
  • 2 Kakine Teitoku.
  • 1 Accelerator.

Will there be railgun season 4?

There won't be Railgun Season 4 for a long time. There isn't much material to cover from manga at the moment. The next arc is "Jailbreaker Arc" which it is still ongoing right now.

Should I watch a certain magical index before a certain accelerator?

While A Certain Scientific Accelerator is essentially a spin-off of the original Magical Index series, in theory, you can watch it before the main anime. However, it is not recommended to do so. The characters appearing in the spin-off will not seem as interesting as they should if you decide to skip.

Can I skip a certain scientific Railgun?

For example, season 1 of Index and season 2 of Railgun both cover the events of the Sisters Arc, but Index only focuses on Touma's point of view of that incident. If you skip Railgun, you'd miss out on Misaka's experiences in the weeks leading up to her meeting up with Touma.

Is accelerator a villain?

Accelerator. Accelerator is an antagonist-turned-hero in the A Certain Magical Index franchise and one of the main protagonists of the series.

Will there be a season 2 of a certain scientific accelerator?

'Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator' Season 1 premiered on June 12, 2019 and ended its 12 episode run on September 27, 2019. ... And if it is able to cover at least 7 volumes in season one, then 2 volumes of the source material will not be enough for an entire season 2.

Will Index get a Season 4?

A Certain Magical Index Season 4 Isn't Confirmed

There was, however, a lengthy gap of almost a decade between the release of the second and third seasons of the anime, so the lack of confirmation as of yet doesn't necessarily mean the series is done.

What is Touma true power?

Touma's ability is Imagine Breaker ( 幻想殺し イマジンブレイカー , Gensō Goroshi (Imajin Bureikā)?, lit. "Illusion Killer"), a mysterious power that resides in his right hand that he has had since birth.

Can Touma not remember Misaki?

As Touma cannot remember Misaki after they meet their meeting is a poignant one as Misaki once again introduces herself to Touma. ... Touma is unable to connect that Misaki is the one who has the Mental Out ability, though Misaki tells him to pay no mind to it.

What anime has 7000 episodes?

Sazae-san is one of the most successful shows in Japan; it is the longest-running animated series in the world, with over 7,000 episodes, and new episodes are still being made. Despite this, it is obscure outside of its home country.

What is the shortest anime?

10 Shortest Anime Characters, Ranked By Height
  1. 1 Cells At Work: White Blood Cell Is Microscopic.
  2. 2 Yashahime: Myoga Is 0.4'' ...
  3. 3 Ranma 1/2: Happosai Is 1'6'' ...
  4. 4 Dragon Ball: Puar Is 2'0'' ...
  5. 5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Pinako Rockbell is 3'0'' ...
  6. 6 My Hero Academia: Minoru Mineta is 3'6'' ...
  7. 7 Sailor Moon: Chibiusa Tsukino Is 3'6'' ...

What anime has the best story?

So, let's begin with the list of those top 20 anime storyline.
  • . Baccano!
  • . Neon Genesis Evangelion. ...
  • . Gurren Lagann. ...
  • . JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. ...
  • . My Hero Academia. ...
  • . Hajime no Ippo. ...
  • . Golden Kamuy. ...
  • . Bleach. Bleach will take you on an exhilarating ride of the soul society, making it one of the most memorable fiction ever. ...

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